Dessert Offer

For your dessert

Melted bitter chocolate and sour cherries with Kirsch
With bourbon vanilla custard
Sfr. 11.-- per person

Chocolate mirror on almond biscuit, orange pulp
Sfr. 8.-- per person

Dacqois biscuit "almonds and hazelnutz" with caramel,
apples and Calvados on vanilla ice-cream
Sfr. 8.50 per person

Pyramid of exotic fruits on coconut banana pulp
Sr. 9.-- per person

Iced Vacherin with a choice of different flavours
Sfr. 10.-- per person

Fondue of bitter chocolate and fresh fruits
Melted bitter chocolate and fresh exotic or seasonal fruits
et fruits frais de saison et exotiques
Served with :
House made biscuits Geneva style, custard
Different ice-creams at your choice
Sfr. 14.-- per person


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