Finger Food

Rustic Finger Food

Puff paste filled with raw ham 2.00
Puff paste with anchovies 2.00
Grilled croutons with gratinated mushrooms 2.50
Polenta medallion and veal filet and black pepper 3.50
Puff paste with apples and goat cheese 3.00
Provençale Pizza with red onions 2.00


Indian Finger Food

Chicken skewers tandoori 3.00
Lamb skewers tandoori 3.00
Shrimp skewers tandoori 3.50
Samosa fritters with white cheese and Indian spices 3.00
Bhajis fritters wit coriander and chili sauce 2.50
Giant shrimps in a sesame crust and fruit-mint-chutney 5.50
Lamb filet in a coconut crust 6.00
Mini Koffa d'agneau au curry (boulette frite) Chutney de tomate 3.00
Raita de concombres sur chapati 2.00
Shrimp with home made masala on a tartlet 2.50
Mini lentil galettes with curry 2.50
Pakora skewers (vegetable and chick-peas flour with white cheese) 2.50
Samosa skewers 2.50
All dishes are served with various fruit and vegetable chutneys, Indian vegetables, yogurt and cucumber raita.  


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