Finger Food

Finger food Espagnol

Croquettes with mushrooms and ham 2.50
Tostadas (anchovy filets with tomato crouton) 2.50
Tostadas (Serrano ham with tomato crouton) 3.00
Marinated beef skewers 3.50
Polenta fried with tomatoes 1.50
Mussels with crunchy crumbs 2.50
Migas (toast with bacon and chorizo) 2.00


Oriental Finger Food

Aubergines mousse with grilled Pita 2.50
Zaziki cucumber with grilled Pita 2.00
Giant olives Kalamata 2.00
Tahini ( puff paste with sesame cream) 1.00
Dolmas ( vine leaf in olive oil) 2.00
Fried chick-peas 1.00
Tiropitakia (fried puff paste with feta) 3.00
Spinakopitakia ( fried puff paste with spinach) 3.00
Tahini ( Sesame mousse with olive oil and lemon) 2.50

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