Finger Food

Italian finger food
Home made, for at least 100 Persons

Grissini with raw ham 3.50
Marinated aubergines on a baguette 1.50
Parma ham spiral with Paprika und white cheese 2.50
Cherry tomatoes with pesto 1.50
Goat cheese with wild herbs on a baguette 2.00
Pizza Frittata ( vegetable cake without paste) 2.00
Fritto misto with fish, calamari and tartar sauce 5.00
Cold pancake with marinated artichoke 2.00
Sicilian mozzarella fritter 2.00
Beef dumplings with olives and oregano 2.50
Gratinated giant mussels 2.50
Choice of pizzas 3.50
Cherry tomatoes and mozzarella skewers 2.00
Cucumber with smoked trout mousse 2.50
Quiche with mushrooms 2.50
Crunchy parmesan with herb ricotta 2.50


Bruschetta, Ciabatta oder Crostini mit choice of garnish
PoFor at least 30 persons,order min. 7 days ahead

Italian ham 2.50
Grilled paprika 2.00
Tomatoes with basil 1.50
Marinated mushrooms 1.50
Marinated aubergines 2.00
Salami 2.50
Anchovies with pesto made of fresh wild herbs 2.50
Marinated Sepia 2.50


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