Dishes "A la carte"

Salads’ selection

Bowl of salad
CHF 8.00

Assorted salad  
CHF 13.00

Assorted salad as a main course   
CHF 24.00

At your choice, sauce homemade : sauce Italian dressing, French dressing.
or our aromatic basket (create your own dressing according to your taste)

Cold and warm hors d’oeuvres

Foie gras terrine candied with shallots and raspberry compote, Apricot chutney and elderflowers jelly    
Grilled Toast
CHF 19.00 ½ Portion
CHF 28.00 Portion 

Beef Tartar Piedmontese style with parmesan and olive oil
Grilled Toasts 
CHF 18.00 ½ Portion
CHF 30.00 Portion

Smoked trout Tartar with curd cheese on beets vinaigrette
Parsnip Chips  
CHF 16.50

Salmon Carpaccio marinated with citrus fruit and pine-nuts 
Grilled country style bread and Pepper Sorbet
CHF 18.00


Potato soup and smoked Bacon  ice-cream
CHF 10.00

Cauliflower Mousseline and smoked salmon Tartar
Spice crispy biscuit
CHF 14.00


Gilthead filets on risotto
Rosemarie veal jus  
CHF 34.00

Poached sea bass filets on saffron and small vegetables   
CHF 34.00

Stir fried Perch filets  Meuniere with crispy capers
Cream sauce with gruyere cheese
CHF 33.00

Grilled meats

Pork filet Pata Negra
CHF 39.00 220 Gr./ Esp 

Beef Steak  
CHF  33.00 200 Gr. / CH/IRL 

Beef Entrecote   
CHF  38.00 220 Gr. / IRL

Beef Tournedos 
CHF  40.00 200 Gr.CH/IRL

Veal Steak  
CHF  39.00 200 Gr. / CH

Duck breast candied by mandarins  
CHF 29.00 200 Gr. / CH

Double pork steak    
CHF 26.00 240 Gr. / CH

One sauce at choice:  Béarnaise, cacao-spice, blood orange peppered,Café de Paris, Whisky cream CHF 5.00
Morel sauce CHF 8.00

All our dishes are accompanied every day by seasonal vegetables from the market.

Our special menu without meat

Corn Tortillas with chili and red beans 
Guacamole and crumbled gruyere
CHF 22.00

Omelets with Provençale vegetables, olives and feta cheese
Accompanied by country potatoes 
CHF 24.00

Fresh Pappardelles pasta with nuts, gorgonzola and grapes  
CHF 26.00

Fresh Niçoise Spaghettis 
Tomatoes, olives, garlic and grilled artichokes, basil, pines nuts, crumbled parmesan
CHF 24.00

The desserts

Cheese selection according the season served on plates
CHF 9.00 ½ Portion
CHF 16.00  Portion

Café gourmand according to the inspiration of the moment
CHF 9.00

Plumssoup candied on pinot noir and badiane spice
Plums Sorbet  
CHF 12.00

Crème Brulee on bitter cacao and beets cubes candied on vanilla from Mauricius double cream from gruyere
CHF 11.00

Crispy Profiteroles  with vanilla ice cream - Chantilly under warm chocolate sauce   
CHF 12.00

Coconut Panna cotta under passion fruit jelly and macaroons   
CHF 10.00

Warm Apple and grapes Gratin under cinnamon and cider mousseline
Rum and Corinth ice cream  
CHF 14.00

Mini savarin Trilogies on ruhm , kirsch and Grand Marnier on candied pineapple compote and cinnamon  ice cream
CHF 14.00

Notre carte des glaces

Coupe Agrumes
CHF 12.00

Coupe Fribourgeois
CHF 11.00

Coupe Botzi
CHF 10.00

Coupe Dijonaise
CHF 11.00

Coupe Canadienne
CHF 13.00

Delice des Îles
CHF 11.00

Delice des Fées
CHF 11.00

Coupe Danemark
CHF 9.00

Cafè Walzer
CHF 9.00

Banana Fox
CHF 9.00

Coupe Baileys
CHF 11.00

Coupe Colonel
CHF 11.00

Parfums de glace disponibles :
Orange sanguine

Tasting menu

Flavor of the season

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Taste of Thailand

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