Creative asparagus


Restaurant " La Terrasse" :
« L'asperge Gourmande»
From 1 to 30 April 2014

The cold and warm hors d’oeuvre

Cappuccino of bicolor aspargus with crispy chorizo and Foam of gruyere
CHF 11.00

Green aspargus tartar with dices of smoked salmon and nut oil
CHF 16.50

Stir fried green aspargus and raw ham in crispy basket
CHF 22.50

Creatives Aspargus

Carpaccio of veal vitello ham with an aspargus brunch
Cream of tuna and lemon oil
CHF 21.00 ½ Portion
CHF 33.00 Portion

Minute made white aspargus quiche and fresh morels
CHF 28.00

Bicolor aspargus faggot with scallop and king prawn on a mousseline of crustaceans
CHF 43.00

Fillet of smokes white fish on a bed of green aspergus in a maracuja vinaigrette
CHF 35.00

Poached char fish with fillet of orange mousseline sauce Green aspargus, steamed potatoes
CHF 38.00

Country Aspargus

Bicolor aspargus gratinated with gruyer cheese and accompanied with Ham “de la Borne”
Hollandaise sauce & steamed potatoes
CHF 29.00

Poulard chicken from Ardèche in a morels mushroom fricassee, aspargus and double cream
CHF 32.00

Classical Aspargus

Poached green and white aspargus
CHF 28.00
One choice of sauce:
Hollandaise, provence with olive oil, light cold mousseline

Little plate « Raw ham from Italy »
Only on side order with a dish of aspargus
CHF 7.00

Flavor of the season

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Taste of Thailand

restauration thailandais dos de saumon ecosse.jpg

Creative asparagus


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