Company conditions

Booking and cancellation for groups / booking company with contingent rooms.


Validity of the offer

  • A pre-reservation of 15 days is granted to each offer.
  • The quantities indicated (rooms / arrangements) on your offer may be changed to + / - 10% up to six weeks without charge,
    pass this time, refer to the cancellation policy.

Final confirmation

  • When receiving the confirmation of Au Parc Hotel "(valid e-mail accepted) the contract is deemed valid

A nominal list

  • A nominal list of names of all guests must arrive no later than 7 days before date of arrival at the hotel hosting service.

Terms of cancellation

  • The cancellation of room reservations must be communicated by
  • Fax: N ° 026 429 56 57
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Terms of complete or partial cancellation in case of contingent
Conditions cancellation of rooms (provisional reservation / confirmation), the Parc Hotel is entitled to demand compensation following ·:

  • Less than six weeks without penalty.
  • Less than five weeks 10% of room / arrangements.
  • Less than three weeks 25% of room rate / Packages.
  • Less than two weeks 50% of room rate / Packages.
  • Less than 8 days 60% of room rate / arrangements.

Cancellation from the 7th day
For a booking 15-35 rooms, cancellation policy for max. 5 bedrooms
For booking 36-70 rooms, cancellation policy for max. 10 rooms
by special agreement of the direction of "The Parc Hotel" Conditions for cancellation of rooms booked under the name list sent by the company not later than seven days prior to arrival. The Park Hotel is right to demand compensation following :

  • Less than 7 to 4 days 20% of room rate / arrangements.
  • Less than 3 to 2 days 40% of the rooms / arrangements.
  • The same day billing 100% the first night.

Arrival / departure.

  • On departure, rooms must be vacated no later than 12 hours, otherwise they will be charged for an extra night, or by special agreement of the direction of "The Parc Hotel. ·
  • In case of no-shows for reservations, rooms will be charged 100% of the first night of stay.


  • Extras unpaid will be automatically billed to the company.
  • Any unauthorized provision of service will be followed by an invoice.
  • All invoices will be paid within 10 days.
Living Fribourg

Escape for a stay in Fribourg in our hotel.

Stay Of Charm
Tremendous perspectives!!
1 night in Junior Suite with Jacuzzi, aperitif, half board
Price for two people.
CHF 415.00/ CHF 600.00
Relaxing stay with a gourmet dinner
logo sejour detente et gastronomie.jpg
1 night for 1 or 2 person,
aperitif, half board
Price for 1 person. : CHF 185.00 / CHF 265.00
Price for 2 person. : CHF 290.00 / CHF 390.00