Thaï springrolls with vegetables

salade de papaye verte.jpg
Green papaya salad
steak de thon frais au curry vert.jpg
Fresh tuna steak
with green curry
crevettes geantes aux piments rotis et noix de cajun.jpg
Roasted king shrimps 
with piment and cashew nuts

Crispy roasted half-a-duck 
( whithout bones) with Thaï spices

Sliced chicken 
with Thai basil

Sliced chicken with lemon balm

Sliced chicken with water chestnuts

Sliced pork breast with vermicelli

Sauted beef with Thai basil

Banana baked in the oven 
with Thai rum 
and coconut ice cream

Fresh pineapple carpaccio
with spicy sugar
or sea salt


Mango and coco Creme brulée with palm sugar



Nos Grillades Estivales

nos grillades 2014.jpg