Finger Food

Proposals for receptions, worked out aperitifs, garden party's, cocktail party's.

Salty tartlets

With salmon tartar 3.00
With Surimi 2.50
With shrimps 2.50
With smoked salmon 3.00
With smoked trouts 3.00
With salmon mousse and green pepper 3.00


Small butter brioches

Brioches with tartar 3.00
Brioches with smoked salmon 4.00
Brioches with duck liver 6.00


Fruit pastries *according to season

Tart with kiwi, raspberries, peach, pineapple, figs 2.50
Cream puffs with chocolate and coffee 2.00


Petits fours with and without filling

Various selections 1.20


Petits fours tartlets

Lemon, gianduja, ganache, nougat 1.20


Warm minis

Mini-pizza 2.00
Mini cheese cakes 2.00
Prune cake with bacon 2.00
Various puff pastries 1.00


Warm mediums

Cheese ramequin 3.50
Croissant with ham 3.50


Warm appetizers

Chinese raviolis with shrimp 2.50
Crunchy chicken wings 2.50
Vol-au-vent with snails from Burgundy 3.50
Giant shrimps with coconut 3.00
Sashimi fish with Japanese horseradish and Soya beans (tuna, shark, salmon) 4.00


Soirée d'entreprise
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